Monday, March 29, 2010

Criticisms of Parental Alienation Exposed

Recently, there has been a increase in negative and unfounded criticisms of parental alienation. In these criticisms, parental alienation is typically referred to as being "junk science" or as a shield for abusers of their own children. Neither is accurate nor founded on any responsible scientific principal.

The scientific basis for parental alienation is wide and deep. The phenomenon of one parent influencing the child against the other parent is familiar to all involved in the field of psychology as well as in Family Law. To argue that this is without foundation is preposterous. In fact virtually all states have statutory language that identifies the negative influences of one parent onto the child regarding the other parent (parental alienation) as a reason to favor the targeted parent in consideration for custody. Additionally, there are literally hundreds of peer reviewed articles that are premised on the phenomenon of parental alienation. Additionally, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) has devoted its entire annual meeting specifically to parental alienation.

Secondly, it is well established in the literature that if real abuse is present on the part of the unfavored parent, that parental alienation cannot be diagnosed. Period. There is no debate about this.

it is difficult for me to grasp where this unfounded criticism is coming from and why. It is like arguing that the earth is flat.


Anonymous said...

Undertake no more than you can perform. ............................................................

Anonymous said...

I could not agree with you more Michael! I think the arguement is purely a legal one. If one acknowledges that PAS is real, then the door is open for it to be used in the Family Court. I think that there is also a naive feminist notion that PAS somehow legitimizes child sexual abuse and domestic violence, or at least offers a "way out" for ridiculous as this sounds!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the arguments against PAS are basically reactions to false accusations of PAS. I think that legally PAS can be used in cases of true abuse to "muddy" the waters and draw attention away from abusers who's children are legitimately alienated by their own actions, not by the other parent. It seems like the denial of PAS is a way to take away the finger pointing to reveal the true nature of the alienation. However, as there are legitimate and false accusations of abuse. There are also legitimate and false accusations of PAS.

Personally I believe that people who are emotionally immature and are abusive, and whose children are alientated by their own actions are the first to point the finger and yell "PAS" at the top of their lungs. They are loosing control of their children and they must blame and point to a reason.

It's those of us target parents who are really being alienated that dont scream and yell. We are doing the best we can to cope with the situation and are using up all of our physical and emotional energy on trying to protect our children. Yes, we want to be heard. But typically we try to use correct avenues such as the courts to be heard. I dont believe that the courts want to listen.