Thursday, October 7, 2010

Parenting with Parental Alienation

Parenting, when Parental Alienation is present, requires super-human strengths and the patience of Job. Parenting under the best of circumstances, is challenging. It creates the greatest joys of life as well as its deepest agonies. It is, to say the least, challenging. When you add Parental Alienation into the mix, the word “challenging” becomes pale and weak.

When children are in the midst of an alienating environment, they must somehow stay in the good graces of the alienating parent and still survive being in the middle. The result is behavior that becomes distorted, bizarre, angry, depressive, defiant and even threatening. Under these circumstances, effective parenting is more than challenging. It becomes almost super-human.

This three part Course, Parenting with Parental Alienation, addresses these specific challenges with specific tools and strategies.
• The first course,an Overview provides a roadmap or a template to understand the “whys and wherefores” of parenting.
• The second course, Dealing with Difficult Behavior is, as the title suggests, focuses on absorbing and deflecting the behavioral challenges of the alienated child.
• The third segment, Teaching Your Children to Think for Themselves, focuses on helping the alienated child begin to separate from their enmeshed parent, and to see themselves as being a separate and independent person.

These three, one hour audio courses are only the beginning of much more in the way of evidence based strategies that work.

I hope that you find these courses to be of help. As always, I invite feedback and suggestion.


J Michael Bone, PhD