Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Upcoming Teleseminar

I am very excited about the upcoming teleseminar that will be offered beginning Tuesday, April 29, 2008. This seminar consists of four one hour sessions, attended via telephone, and recorded for later listening. The attendees, once registered, will be given a specific telephone number and pass code that will admit them into the call, each of these four Tuesday evenings. In the event that an attendee cannot be present for the live call, a recorded version will be available for later listening.

Each session will consist of an interactive interview format wherein John Curtis, PhD, author, well known parenting advocate, will be interviewing myself on the topic of that particular evening. Each of these four separate interview sessions will be focused onto what I have identified as the four most prevalent errors committed in the litigation of cases in Family Court where Parental Alienation is present. My experience for over fifteen years as an expert witness, evaluator, therapist and educator in cases involving Parental Alienation, has given me the opportunity to witness and then to distill the specific and predictable points where these cases are sabotaged. Just as Parental Alienation is a very patterned process with a predictable outcome and course, likewise, how it evolves within the Family court System is also patterned. This patterning creates a high degree of predictability that typically is only seen when it is too late.

The purpose of this four part teleseminar is to prepare the parent and their attorney to identify these seemingly benign issues, before they blow up into becoming a serious problem to later overcome.

The goal of this four part seminar is to provide proactive strategies that allows one to spot a potential upcoming problem area, and develop counter strategies to overcome it.