Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Upcoming TeleSeminar

Beginning on Thursday evening, May 1, 2008, I will describing what I believe are the four most common mistakes made in the litigation of cases where Parental Alienation is present. The course will consist of 4, one hour conference telephone calls, held on 4 consecutive Thursday evenings at 8:00 PM EST, beginning May 1, 2008. For more information about registering for this seminar, please see www.overcomingparentalalienation.com.

The rationale for the course follows:


The audience for this course are parents whose children have been alienated from them within the context of divorce. This course provides the tools necessary to overcome this alienation process both within the court system as well as outside this context. The content of this course is the result of two decades of working with this problem as an evaluator for the court, a therapist, and as a consultant.


This course is the result of my 20 plus years of work devoted to the problem of what has been referred to as Parental Alienation. During this time, I have witnessed egregious errors and injustices that have resulted in the destruction of a great many families. Most of these errors were avoidable if properly handled. However, given the special challenges and demands of the dynamic of parental alienation, failure to understand them within the professional community is more the rule than the exception. There are many reasons for this.


The structure of this course is organized around the “Most Common Errors” that are committed in these difficult cases. These “Errors” tend to be patterned, repetitive, predictable, and common. These “Errors” are not typically the result of inferior representation or incompetence, but are the result of the special challenges that alienation cases present, both in and out of court. Each hourly session is devoted to one of these common, if not universal, errors, and provides clear strategies to overcome and avoid them.


Beginning in 2007, I closed my clinical practice and began a purely consultative practice devoted to helping parents, attorneys and mental health professionals with the special problem of Parental Alienation. As a consultant, I am able to apply my experience and understanding in ways designed to help you to be successful with your case. This course represents the basic elements of my consulting work with individual clients.

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