Friday, October 14, 2011

Upcoming Radio Program

While still working out the logistical details (time, date, etc.) I wish to put out there my current thinking about the call-in program I hope to start within the month. First, I want it to be solution oriented. There are many phases in the parental alienation experience and each one has its own special challenges. What I envision is an examination of each of these phases, looking for examples of what a solution would like like for each of them.

For example, during the phase where a parent has no contact with a child for a period of time, what would a solution look like? My thinking is that, if all avenues of access to the child or children have been reasonable exhausted, a solution would be more focused on the internal landscape of dealing with this situation. A solution might entail an examination of strategies from the various tracks of psychology that provide specific exercises and things that can be done to maintain a healthy self in the face of this dilemma. Within this one example, there is a wealth of empirical data that supports the fact that one can actually do things that helps turn this experience into not only something that one can hopefully survive, but something that one can ultimately grow from. This is the kind of thing I think would be helpful. And I would hope and anticipate hearing from those in the audience who have successfully found their own methods of dealing with these challenges.

Other phases of the parental alienation experience likewise will have their solutions as well. For example, if one is in the process of preparing for a court hearing or trial, there are practical do's and don'ts that often only are seen when it is too late. Solutions in this phase may include very practical input about the hidden land mines and trip wires that are the stuff of the Family Court System. For example: when can a GAL be a good idea, and when can a GAL's appointment be a disaster? There is a reliable calculus to this and this information can be shared and discussed.

My plan is to have guests on the program that can likewise shed light into their understanding of such solutions. In all, I hope this program to be a clearinghouse and laboratory for the development and exploration of such helpful solution oriented information. Input is invited.


Kathy said...

I think this is an excellent idea, especially concerning the difficulty of dealing with GALs who do not recognize alienation and ignore the controlling behavior of the alienating parent. The family court system promotes aggression and can reward the most litigious and psychologically unhealthy parent. Best wishes on this and keep us posted.

David from Canada said...

Dr. Bone: I support this solution based approach since it is what we T-Parents are left with on a continous basis. those of us who are dealing over 5+ years with aliented children are often left to our own devices since the legal professions and many in the helpling profession are unaware of how T-parents can practically do to move the situation forward. So I will committ to recounting what I have done to attempt to continue contact, and hopefully others will do likewise. after all, it seems to me we are all in this together!