Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Course for Newbies and Neophytes

I have just completed a new audio course that describes the dynamics of Parental Alienation.

One of the things that occurs almost universally, is the phenomenon of the Targeted Parent having those in their lives who do not really "get it." I believe that all will agree that this phenomenon is so powerful and bizarre that those that have not seen it up close may have a hard time really understanding what is occurring. Therefore I have created a new audio course that is very conversational in nature, and I believe easy on the palate of understanding. I have made it as digestible as I know how, using elements of the other courses but putting them in a not too overwhelming format.

I believe likely candidates could be family members, lawyers, guardians, mental health professionals who have not had much traffic with these issues, as well as school teachers who become entangled in these cases. I believe that this course hits the mark, and as always, I look forward to your feedback.

I have entitled this course, "Parental Alienation: A Primer"

I wish you all well.

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Anonymous said...

How common is it for PA to start before you are divorced. What I mean is, my ex-brother-in-law started this behavior way before my sister thought about divorce. For example when my niece was 2 years old is when my sister first walked in and overheard her husband telling their daughter, "You have a mean mommy," then it kept progressing and by the time she was three and a half she did not want to have anything to do with our parents (maternal grandparents) etc. He had been emotionally abusing my sister for years but it wasn't until she saw these things happening to her daughter that caused her to file for divorce all the while my brother-in-law maintained he did not want a divorce. He had a big problem with substance abuse at that time as well. Is it unusual to see PA in marraiges where no one is seeking a divorce?