Thursday, August 14, 2008

Two New Teleseminar Courses: Effective Treatment and The Family Court

I am very excited about two new courses that have been developed pertaining to two very significant areas of concern that are part of life when Parental Alienation is involved. They are: Treatment - specifically, which treatment strategies are more associated with success in the treatment of alienated children; and Family Court - specifically, given its very high rate of unpredictability, what one can do to reduce this.

First, the issue of treatment. Many have had experiences with reunification plans that involve therapy when a a child is alienated. It is my opinion that the vast majority of these efforts are not very successful. Often, the therapy is ordered, but it simply does not happen as it is scheduled, and when it does occur, it is not effective in reunifying parent and child. In fact, in a substantial number of cases, this kind of therapy often acts in the service of the alienation in that the therapy session itself becomes a place where the child acts out their alienation, very often convincing the therapist of their position. It goes down hill very fast after this. The purpose of this course is to examine the current existing treatment strategies, regimes, and programs in terms of their effectiveness. As this question is drilled down into, the actual mechanisms and foundations of these successful strategies are revealed. The result of this examination is to develop a practical and working understanding of what one should look for when asking the court, and/or a therapist for help in dealing with an alienated child. There are answers here, and the goal of this course is to identify them.

The second course addresses the phenomenon of Family Court. Since, in cases where Parental Alienation is involved, and therefore Family Court is often part of the picture, dealing effectively with this system is most important. For example, even if an evaluator, a guardian and a therapist may all agree on what would help a situation, the adversarial nature of the Court System, and the idiosyncratic nature of the Family Court system, can and often does confuse and fragment the truths that have been exposed. Put another way, the Family Court System can be easily manipulated and exploited by an alienating parent, and this can be as much of a problem as is the alienation. This course seeks to delve more deeply into the unique characteristics that make the Family Court as unpredictable as it is. As these reasons are exposed, another system that is in operation, and is more predictive of outcome is also exposed. Understanding and identifying the cues and signals that allow one to better present a case so that it will be best understood by the audience (the Judge) are explored. The goal of this course is to develop a working understanding of what really does impact outcome, to be utilized in very practical terms.

Each of these courses will be done in 3 one hour sessions which will be recorded. The first course will begin on September 9th, for three consecutive sessions. The Family Court session will take place beginning September 30th, also for three weekly consecutive sessions. Details, more information, and sign up details can be found on the web page.

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